About Us

The People Unity Party is a party founded on the principle of promoting unity amongst Nigerians, irrespective of tribal and religious differences, with the aim to delivering good and accountable governance and leadership for the realisation of a progressive Nigeria.

The emergence of this party became imperative because of the failures of successive governments that have ruled Nigeria over the years since the country attained its independence in 1960. Our commitment is to pursue an agenda that would yield the much desired dividends for collective national prosperity. Past leadership of successive dictatorial military regimes and reckless political administrations have been characterised by large scale corruption and maladministration which ultimately has resulted in the mismanagement of resources. Our emergence as a party is to offer a positive alternative and restore the lost hope and aspirations of our people.

The People Unity Party is also very mindful of the role played by people in Diaspora towards the development of Nigeria and that is why PUP is allocating 20% of representation in the next election to people in Diaspora.

People Unity Party is youths oriented and serves as a platform for well-meaning Nigerians to aspire, participate and deliver responsible and accountable leadership to the people of our great nation, thereby paving the way for a brighter future that is free from economic bondage and marginalisation. The party would be wholly owned by Nigerian youths and would be wholly funded by Nigerians. Our party is principle driven and ideologically rooted in Liberal Conservatism, thereby embracing the potent norms and values of tradition and heritage, and the freedom to pursue our destiny.