PUP is a party that believes strongly in food security and food for all and that is why agriculture is important on our agenda for a new Nigeria. We encourage investors from all over the world to come and invest in agriculture in Nigeria and we are already in advance stage in our discussions with top farmers from a number of countries. Collaborating with top investors in agriculture, we intend to facilitate the setting up of the largest rice farm and rice mills in Edo State that will produce more than 4 million tonnes of rice annually. We will also facilitate the setting up of the largest farm for Cassava, Wheat, Cashew nuts and Ginger in Nigeria. The PUP will facilitate the setting up of food processing plants and storages in selected locations across Nigeria to prevent the wastage of farmers’ products that sets them back from making huge returns from their agricultural produce.

PUP will go into extensive discussion and arrangement with our banks to lend to our farmers at a single digit interest rate, with the government acting as a guarantor for such loans. This measure will help our young school graduates and non-graduates who cannot provide collateral to have access to agricultural loans. PUP will go into agreement with equipment manufacturers to provide sales of agricultural equipment on financing terms while the government acts as guarantor for the purchase of the equipment. PUP intends to revive the rubber sector in Nigeria and this will create more jobs and boost our export trade.

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