This is one of our major highlights in our manifesto as it is the biggest problem hindering the progress and growth of Nigeria since the independence of our country. Unfortunately, successive governments have done very little or nothing to address this problem. Corruption has degraded the reputation and the rating of Nigeria before the community of nations. PUP intends to fight corruption vigorously and reduce it to a barest minimum. We intend to reform the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and all other anti-corruption agencies to be able to fight corruption without the intervention and influence from the government and powerful Nigerians.

PUP intends to make stiffer laws on corruption that will deter Nigerians from corruptly enriching themselves. We will vigorously reform the civil service which is the bane and the heart of any government. We will remove any system presently in place that gives room for ghost workers in the civil service all over Nigeria. PUP intends to set up EFCC office in every state civil service headquarters and federal headquarter to enable proper monitoring of their activities.

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