Nigeria has the potential to develop a strong economy to rank amongst leading economically viable nations of the world as our country is endowed with vast fertile land and numerous natural resources such as crude oil, coal, bauxite, bitumen, iron-ore, gas, lead to mention but few. In spite of this endowment, Nigeria since the late 1980s has been faced with economic difficulties owning largely to high level corruption and mismanagement by successive administrations.

In a bid to revamp the economy, the PUP economic agenda hope to prioritise economic diversification by reducing our dependency on crude oil as major source of revenue, encourage investment in agriculture, technology and industry. The PUP economic recovery programme will encourage business start up by granting tax relief for a considerable period to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and also encourage foreign direct investments which in return will create jobs. Higher tax duties will apply to imported products to encourage patronage of made in Nigeria goods, unless when such products are locally scarce.

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