The People Unity Party is dedicated to reforming the educational system across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Our views on education include introducing tax benefits to parents on low-income with children in school and reforming financial aid programes such as setting up an efficient student finance board that would grant student finance loans to students to enable those from low income background afford tuition fees, purchase books, pay for transportation and accommodation. We will employ more qualified teachers to guarantee excellent teaching of the students. The PUP will also revamp standardized testing to test more complex skills and expand education options. PUP hopes to turn around the public-school system and make it more successful and sustainable, expand public school options for children from low-income background by creating and maintaining more magnet schools, charter schools, teacher-led schools, and career academies.

PUP intends to privatize all the government owned universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and secondary schools as we believe schools will be better managed by private individuals and religious organisations. Under the PUP proposal, government will help guarantee bank loans from banking institutions to investors in education to enable them secure the much needed financial resources to manage their establishments. We intend to put proper structures in place such as tax free incentives for investors in education to enable them set up as much research and innovative centres as needed for students and individuals to conduct researches that will lead to mouth blowing inventions that will contribute to the growth of our country Nigeria. Such research and innovative centres will be located in each of the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. The PUP intends to reintroduce and equip technical schools across Nigeria to complement the existing ones that have been largely neglected by successive administrations.

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