Our party is committed to ensuring that Nigerian citizens are not deprived of their fundamental basic rights, such as the right to housing, hence PUP proposes a development programme that will cater for housing needs and will be implemented in a number of phases across the country in partnership with state development authorities. About 50% of the project will be directed to meet the needs of people under a specific threshold considered as minimum wage or income; 30% of the housing project will be earmarked for those on highly reasonable income and 20% for the rehabilitation of those considered as destitute or homeless.

The PUP will push for legislation to further protect tenants, who are renting privately, from exploitation by rogue landlords but while at the same time emphatically expressing the rights and responsibilities of the both parties to one another. PUP will also introduce a monthly levy, known as council tax, on every owned property by landlord as this will help local community earn revenue to maintain neighbourhoods.

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