PUP is very mindful of the dilapidated nature of our infrastructure around the country. Our airport is in a very bad shape, our railways are very outdated and there is a few or none river transport system. Our bridges are in the state of comatose, in fact our transport is nothing to write home about. PUP intends to embark on a massive infrastructural development that will bring Nigeria at par with the western economies. We will create more roads, build more bridges, develop marine transport system, commercialised the seaports in Port Harcourt, Warri and Calabar and develop new ports across the country, with the expectation to generate more than 2 million jobs.

We intend to invest in modern fast trains across Nigeria and this will enhance quick, comfortable and safe transportation of people and goods from one part of the country to another. PUP intends to privatise the transport sector as it will be more viable and productive when it is left in the hands of private investors. PUP will reintroduce the defunct national airline, the Nigeria Airways, to operate between major cities locally and from Nigeria to selected destinations abroad. To make driving on our roads safer, driving tests standard will be raised and adequate funding will be provided to the Highway Maintenance Agency to provide our roads with all the necessary road signs and lighting.

PUP intends to encourage investors to invest in developing our oil sector by building more oil refineries at strategic locations in Nigeria as this will boost production of petroleum products like PMS, Diesel, kerosene, gas, aviation fuel and others. The government of PUP will grant a 2 year tax relief to investors who decides to invest in infrastructural development in Nigeria and will create easy avenue for foreign investors to repatriate their profits out of Nigeria at any time they deem fit. This measure will give them confidence to invest in our economy. PUP will encourage foreign investors to invest in building steel plants in the country and we intend to finish completion of the two big steel companies in Nigeria, the Ajaokuta and Aladja steel companies in Delta and Kogi State respectively.

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