This issue will be very important to the government of PUP, if elected to lead Nigerians. Restructuring is a very controversial and divisive subject in Nigeria which will be handled thoroughly through consultations across Nigeria. Restructuring means different things to different people but the truth is that Nigeria will not survive without being restructured, making the matter inevitable. Restructuring simply means, reducing the power concentrated in the centre and giving those powers and responsibilities to the States.

The Nigerian president, from this perspective is often regarded as “the most powerful president in the whole world” as so much power is concentrated in the presidency. Such concentration of power has made them inefficient and has led to the underdevelopment of Nigeria. The PUP will embark on devolution of powers such as establishing of State Police and Neighbourhood Police to create more interaction between the police and the public, with the aim to help reduce crime.

PUP also intends to allow states to have absolute control over the energy sector in their states which means states can make decisions on whether they want to privatise the energy sector or not. PUP will also remove local government from the third tier of government and let the State decide how many local government areas they want and also leave the funding of local government areas to the states.

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