The People Unity Party is very mindful of the growing security threats across the globe and Nigeria is not exempted. We will like to thank our gallant military men and women in the Nigerian arm forces for the work and sacrifices they have collectively made towards the protection of lives and properties and keeping the Nigeria nation safe. We salute their courage and our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones in the cause of national service – they will never be forgotten.

The PUP believes that there are less aggressive ways to handle these threats than successive governments have been used to. Our views on internal security include combating terrorism without compromising the constitution with the use of torture, always attempting to solve conflict through diplomacy and using military force only when necessary. The PUP would like to see military personnel better trained to handle modern-day threats including terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery and gang violence. This is one of the areas where successive government have failed. The PUP will empower the security and intelligence experts to design more effective ways to counter the terrorism problems confronting Nigeria since the past ten years. We will train our military on ways and manners to handle guerrilla warfare, and they will also be trained on information gathering which is very important in fighting terrorism and insurgency. We believe that excessive use of military force only encourages terrorists to use force against citizens and the establishment in return, and that the use of force should be the last option when all avenues for peace have failed.

We intend to set up a more robust and effective security outfit that will oversee the present security arrangements for more efficiency and better cooperation between all security outfits. It will be known as the National Security Agency (NSA). This agency will be in charge of our internal security, particularly terrorism and insurgency. The NSA will also oversee the activities of the police, the DSS, the EFCC and the civil defence. The outfit will be drawn from both the military and civilian bodies and will be headed by a highly qualified and experienced officer with security and intelligence background.

PUP intends to retrain the existing police force in Nigeria to meet with the growing threats to internal security in country and we will recruit additional one million police officers in the next four years, at a rate of 250,000 every yearly. Our party agenda will make it mandatory for every policeman to undergo IT training, while a technology learning centre will be located in every area command headquarter throughout Nigeria. Every police station in Nigeria will have finger print scanner while every zonal headquarter will have forensic centres to enable them process finger prints and DNA. Under our security proposal, CCTV cameras will be installed across the country for adequate security and protection of lives and properties while we also intend to improve on the police and civilians relationship which is vital in fighting crimes in community. PUP will also create an avenue for the police to generate revenue as obtainable in the western countries that will enable them to fund the cost of fighting criminality. Some of the avenues available to the police to generate such revenue would be from traffic offences such as speed limit, drink driving and parking violation

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