The People Unity Party will promote policies that encourage trade relations between Nigeria and other nation states in an effort to boost our national economy and maintain relationship and co-operation. To this end, PUP will revamp the Nigerian Export Promotion Board to become more proactive in projecting our goods and services from the various sectors to the international market. We will also ensure that our Trade Attachés in the Nigerian High Commissions and Embassies across the world maximise their presence in the international community in representing Nigeria’s interest solidly before the host nations to win us their continuous patronage.

In line with our ideology, PUP subscribes to free trade agreements with our trading nations in line with established and laid out rules and regulations. We will allocate funding to the various seaports and international airports to upgrade their facilities in order to cope adequately with the handling, processing and clearing of goods at no time. The PUP proposes a zero tolerance to any act by individuals or organisations to import prohibited goods into the country as such unscrupulous act will be heavily sanctioned.

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