In ensuring that each and every individual member of the People Unity Party is availed the fundamental right of association and representation, we strongly disassociate with the practices of godfatherism and nepotism, unlike most other parties, in the nomination of our party flag bearers. Selflessness and dedication to nation building based on democratic values are our watchwords as we strive to enshrine the political culture where leaders are humble servants of the people they govern as opposed to being their masters. As it has always been, successive military and civilian governments in Nigeria have been far from being exemplary, often characterised by embezzlement, and with the so called leaders living large and flaunting grandiosely their ill-gotten wealth.  Our party on the contrary is committed to deliver effective leadership underpinned by a collective sense of responsibility and accountability to the people, and to advance the development of Nigeria as a country and the one-Nigeria concept as truly envisaged by our founding fathers.

For a country so blessed as our with its enviable diverse cultures, rich natural resources and gifted human capital can reach for the stars and be the envy of other nations if the appropriate mechanisms are put in place through accountable leadership.

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